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Wine Tastings at Bijou Wine Bar 2019

At Bijou Wine Bar we are holding 4 linked wine tasting events with one of our knowledgeable wine suppliers Line Moullier who is very kindly going to host these events, they will be a brilliant opportunity to expand your wine knowledge. The first event March 28th is an introduction to biodynamic and organic viticulture methods of production that certain winemakers favour to help them influence the nature of the wine to their style and philosophy of farming. What both methods have in common is the prohibited use of any chemicals or fertilisers that can leave residue on the vines; only a small amount of sulphur can be used to control a rise in mildew. We have noticed that many of our customers are now very aware of the sulphur content in wine, event should leave you feeling confident which type of wine is better for you. 

Our second wine tasting event featuring Pét-nat (naturally sparkling wine) is being held on 13th June made with what is known as the “ancestral” method, which is the oldest version of sparkling wine making with origins in France; this method involves bottling before first fermentation has finished, allowing the process to complete in bottle (versus the Champagne method, which commence second fermentation in bottle after the first has completed); this less room for control in how the wine will result. The sparkling wines we have introduced to our customers have had very positive feed back with people finding them less sweet & a healthier option!

Coming up, also being held with Line Moullier

~ September 19th Natural Autumnal Wines from Italy North & South

~ November 28th Christmas Special of Natural Iconic French Appellations



2019 Events

March 28th -

An Introduction to Organic and Biodynamic Wines

June 13th - 

Pet-Nat Tasting

September 19th - 

Natural Autumnal Wines

November 28th - 

Christmas Special 

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